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A team of professional consultants

Start Easy is a consulting agency working in the social economy, mainstreaming human rights, sustainable development and gender equality.

We are a team of professionals who offer their knowledge, skills and experience to support the planning and management of projects worldwide.
We support our clients to thrive and become self-sustainable through European, national and local funding.

We offer customised solutions in project design and management to implement socio-economic and cultural interventions arising from individuals, businesses, public administrations and non-profit organisations.

We have more than ten years of experience

Start Easy is an accelerator of positive energies: to help our customers carry out their projects, we offer our networks of international partners and stakeholders, creating connections and exchanges to promote a new culture of organisational development based on cooperation.

Our principles

Care and attention

The fundamental principle of our work is to be client-oriented, giving clients’ needs the care and attention they deserve.


Another focal point of our work is the precision in the execution of the work assigned to us, which translates into compliance with deadlines, the clarity around possibilities offered to the client and the quality of the products delivered.


Sustainability is a founding principle of our work: we want our clients’ investments and efforts to achieve sustainable results they can maintain even after the end of our work relationship.

Fair prices

A principle of fairness and transparency is the basis of our work. Good work for a fair price, measured to the job done and the results obtained. For this reason, our prices are defined together with the client and cut on the actual needs expressed and the tasks and solutions identified together.

Start Easy team

Laverne Rhoden

Coach&The Game Changer&Inclusion and support facilitator

Michaela McKay

Support facilitator

Kusheema Nurse

Gender Equality Coordinator

Sandra White

Training Consultant

Dayo Okiji’s

Facilitator& Social Media campaign Coordinator

Antoinette Johnson

Girls&Young Women Violence&Exploitation Specialist Worker

Marco Ferrara

Concept artist & Illustrator

Ilaria Esposito

Director of programmes

Ruta McPherson

Youth and sport facilitator

Sara Massini

General Director

Linda RombolĂ 

Project Analyst & Design Specialist

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You want to work with a professional, helpful and friendly team


You want simple and innovative solutions to implement your ideas


You want to invest in pathways that add long-term value and development for your organisation


You want practical and successful service at a fair price

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Who Start Easy Solutions is

Start Easy is a consulting agency in the field of European and national planning, training and project management.

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