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Our team is dynamic and diverse, able to meet various needs in developing and growing our clients’ ideas.

Theory of change

Change begins today

Youth sector

Youth work development programmes, the co-design of youth policies, the design of advocacy strategies and youth engagement. Tailored human rights education and sustainable education programmes for practitioners and young people

Research and analysis

Research and data analysis. Preparation of questionnaires and management of data collection. Creation of summary documents.

Creation and management of international partnerships

Identification of international or local partners. Creation of partnerships, management of partnerships and networks.

Communication and Social Media Management for projects

Support in the definition of communication plans and ad hoc campaigns through social media.

Project Management: coordination, management and evaluation

Support in coordination of regional, national and international projects. Support services for administrative oversight, financial reporting and preparation of project reporting. Control and monitoring of national and international projects.

Training and capacity building

Start Easy can count on a pool of experts and trainers to combine different and complementary methodologies to offer participants a training experience centered on their needs for rapid and sustainable development of skills within their working reality.

What do we do?

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Who Start Easy Solutions is

Start Easy is a consulting agency in the field of European and national planning, training and project management.

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