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In my organisation we have ideas and motivation, but during our meetings we fail to be productive,, internal communication is a bit poor and the team lack leadership skills. How can we make the ideas and projects we have come true?

In our company we offer services of professional trainers who are experienced in conflict management, strengthening leadership skills, communication, team building, business climate analysis and problem solving.

Write to us and together we will develop a specific training program for your needs!

I have been successful with a project funding application, but I have no idea how I can effectively manage it with the resources at the disposal of my organisation.

Write to us and together we will find a solution that best suits your needs, which could be entrusting the management to our company or training your staff for autonomous project management.

I have been successful with a project funding application. How can I report on the expenses I don't see in the report?

Our consultants are ready to analyse any particular situation and create a specific management and reporting plan for the type of financing obtained: directly managing the reporting phase and training your internal staff for the autonomous management of the project.

Call us. The first consultation is free.

I have a perfect idea to develop my career or business, but I can't find suitable financing. Where do I start?

Write to us, and together, we will analyse different opportunities to develop your idea. Our experts will also support you in creating an implementation plan for the idea itself: the first consultation is free.

I have a company/organisation or work in a public institution and would like to access European funding opportunities to support our activities. What can I do?

Our experts are ready to analyse your organisation’s needs and find the funds that can bring additional value to the work you intend to carry out.

Write to us. The first consultation is free.

I came across a funding program for individual training - mobility, but I have no contacts abroad to plan the mobility, and I have never written a project. What can I do?

Write to us: our experts will be ready to find an ad hoc solution for your needs and support you in every phase of the project presentation for your chosen program.

The first meeting and consultation are free.

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