Training and capacity building

Start Easy can count on a pool of experts and trainers to combine different and complementary methodologies to offer participants a training experience centered on their needs for rapid and sustainable development of skills within their working reality.

The trainings we offer are:

  • leadership;
  • team building;
  • conflict resolution;
  • problem solving;
  • effective negotiation and communication;
  • management of diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace.

Start Easy offers training both online and in person.

Planning, managing, coordinating, designing, communicating and monitoring are all transversal skills that can allow your staff to create an added value to what your organization already produces.

Turning to external consultancy agencies is not always a solution and allows only short-term development, while having staff trained within the organization guarantees sustainability and autonomy of growth.

For this reason, we offer training, capacity building and facilitation actions to provide internal staff with those transversal skills to make our customers independent.

Our capacity building trainings are:

  • European and national project design;
  • management and coordination;
  • management and reporting of European projects;
  • monitoring of calls for financing and preparation of project proposals;
  • monitoring and evaluation of project results;
  • planning and management of international projects;
  • coaching / mentoring for the development of individual and organizational development plans and strategies;
  • personal guidance for the development of a professional or educational career.

Do you have a project idea and would like to talk to us about it?